Now Is The Time for Neon Tank Top Fashion

One of this summer’s top fashion statements is a medley of bright colors and patterns that come in an array of shapes, styles and designs. The perfect fit that matches this fashion will be vibrant neon tank tops. These tops have taken the fashion industry by surprise because they provide a fashionable, stunning look and are very comfortable wear (especially for a hot day at the beach.) Neon tank tops are a cute and fun way to express your style, but are custom neon tank tops still cool?

customized neon tank tops

Setting the Trend

Before you try the neon tank tops, you may be wondering if these tank tops are still in fashion. This is because in today’s fashion most women tend to stray away from certain styles and colors. However, why not break away from the norm and try the neon tank tops.

Neon tank tops are still cool and in fashion since they make you get a change and break away from the background. Such custom made tops designed and tailored with your body and shape in mind will make one of the best fashion displays. They will also be the perfect summer wardrobe solution since they will make you feel cooler in the hot weather.

Unlimited color combinations

Custom neon tank tops, like those from, are available in a large array of colors, designs and combinations to choose from. Neon fashion will cover everything you need with colors. From the traditional accessory glow-stick bracelet to the luminous yellow, you will hardly go wrong with its color combinations. After this, you can add a pair of pink skinny fit jeans, most of which come in an abundance of design and styles.

Whatever your choice, the neon tank tops will be the appropriate attire to make you stand out from crowds. If you feel not brave enough to wear the bright colors, why not contrast a bright pink neon tank top with a pair of plain black skinny jeans. Not only will you feel comfortable, but these pair also complement each other greatly.

Unlimited accessories

Neon tank tops blends itself with almost every type of fashion accessory. By using your creativity, you can pair this tops with dangling pair of necklaces and earrings. Neon tank tops will certainly go well with neon bracelets and necklaces. Both fashion clothing are a favorite accessory and will make a perfect combination. If you wish to make a better fashion statement, you can also strategically add a pair of vibrant scarves.

One other reason why you may want to try neon tank tops is because they are versatile, comfortable and affordable. They can be worn as a layering piece or simply on their own.

Neon bright color has always been known as a raver’s fashion choice. However with them coming back in the nice design of custom neon tank tops, they have become a fashion choice for everyone. By being creative, simply mix the bright colors and patterns with an array of styles and shapes. The bright dazzling neon tank tops are a stunning and a gorgeous skin-showing sexy wear seen almost everywhere in this hot new warm season waredrobe. Now is the time for Neon Tank top fashion, try this fashion trend today and you would love the comfort and prettiness it offers.

Government Urges FAA to Improve Cyber Security for Computer Systems Prone to Hackers

United States Senator Charles Schumer last Sunday called upon the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to introduce strategies that were recommended in a report produced by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) with the purpose of making computer systems employed by the air traffic control more secure against possible hacker attacks.

cyber hack security

The report that was submitted by GAO this week speculates that the FAA is open to online intrusions of the NAS or the National Airspace Systems, mainly thanks to the fact that the same government agency failed to provide updates to their own security systems that now lack the necessary encryption, as well as Firewall protection.

On Sunday, Senator Schumer implored the FAA to act in a prudent manner so it can make sure it is able to combat any possible future attacks carried out over the internet. He stated in a press release that the computers and IT systems operated by the FAA have failings of a system-wide nature that provide a possible opening for a hacker attack on the air traffic control systems.

The same failings could also compromise the sensitive data from the aviation sector of even have the potential of shutting down the entire system while a large number of planes are vulnerable and in the air. The lack of digital IP security systems in the FAA also means that these attacks could be carried out in complete anonymity, in which case the perpetrators would remain unknown.

The Senator, a Democrat from the state of New York, suggested that the failure of the FAA in the task of enhancing its security systems could lead it to the same position that the Sony Company found itself a few months ago. After saying that everyone saw what happened in the Sony hacking case, he concluded that it is impossible to imagine the huge and immediate danger that a hacking of the FAA’s computer systems and air traffic control could bring about.

GAO began its investigation of the FAA systems designed to provide it with digital security in August 2013. Earlier this year the same agency finalized its report and concluded that there are several substantial potential threats to the National Airspace Systems.

Where Is Google Heading Next?

Google has become ubiquitous with searches for years and its business model has really helped it to become one of the most prominent online companies in the world. However, the future direction of Google is one that is hard to project. This particularly comes as shares in Google are trading at more than $500 each. This makes it one of the most valuable companies in the industry at this moment based on its general functions over time. Google

Paid click revenues are increasing but they are not rising as quickly as they used to be. However, one aspect of marketing that Google may consider heading towards in the near future entails the use of mobile advertising. This comes as mobile devices are being utilized more than ever before. Mobile advertising could enhance the Google brand thanks to how ubiquitous the world of online devices has become in recent time.

In addition, Google may be working a little harder to manage its growth in Europe. This especially comes not long after changes in the Irish law stating that businesses that want to operate in Ireland can no longer reduce their tax burdens by making royalty payments for certain pieces of intellectual properties.

One aspect that Google might utilize will entail the need to focus on more localization features. The potential to directly compete with Yelp and other sites that focus on direct localization features could end up being a real game-changer in terms of how the site will operate over time. This could potentially do more to enhance the way how the business is to keep on running over an extensive period of time.

Research and development costs have gone up by nearly fifty percent in recent time. The R&D cost has gotten to be a little less than $3 billion, thus creating speculation that Google is looking to either work with new features or to at least add new devices of all sorts. These include brand new editions of the Android operating system that the search engine has been backing for a very long period of time.

The potentials for Google’s future are interesting to observe thanks to the many efforts that are being used at the time. These are changes that may potentially enhance the way how the site will continue to do business in many parts of the world while also expanding upon its many features to make itself more useful to an extended number of people over time.