Recruiting Giveaways: BookWear Packs a Punch for College Student Recruitment

Contrary to what some people believe, recruiting giveaways can have positive effect for any recruiting program. Strategic and creative use of recruiting giveaways provides a more effective tool for various recruiters to reach their audience. However, deciding what to say and whether to use the branded pads, pens, water bottles or coffee mugs is always the conventional question at hand.

Today, there are many institutions, brands, businesses, and organizations that leverage power of giveaways and gifts for recruiting purposes. Whether you are a college administrator looking to recruit the prospective college students or a business owner looking to recruit the top notch employees, you can grab attention and call recipients to action more effectively by leveraging giveaways in a strategic and creative way.recruiting giveaway items

Recruiting Giveaway Ideas from BookWear

BookWear is widely known for helping many businesses, hospitals, educational institutions, and many other entities to customize their giveaways and gifts for recruitment purposes. They have succeeded in this by providing them with many recruiting giveaway ideas. The company’s wide range of compelling recruitment solutions that is in designing college student recruiting giveaways and volunteer recruiting gifts for events have actually helped them build a name in the marketplace. Learn more below or check out some of BookWear’s best recruiting giveaways at

With the simple book like, you can brand and design BookWear with custom graphics, logos, and content that will match your recruiting campaign. Compared with the other recruiting giveaways, you must open BookWear (like a book) so that you can be able to reveal the content inside and the complete message. This surprising element is one of the main ingredients that make BookWear recruiting giveaways very effective.

Leverage a Number of Unique Options

Combining useful gifts with personalized communications, BookWear has a reputation for some of the best college recruiting giveaways. While most universities and colleges choose wearable items such as t-shirts for their BookWear recruiting giveaways, you can consider the other available options. Some other recruitment giveaway ideas which you can consider include:bookwear recruiting giveaways

  • Arm warmers
  • Socks
  • Beanies/hats
  • Scrubs
  • T-shirts
  • Flashlight
  • Bluetooth FOBs/key finders
  • Custom microfiber towel
  • Puzzles
  • Custom-design playing cards
  • Corkscrews
  • Phone stands
  • Scrubs
  • Laundry bags

In addition to being functional, you can also customize the items so that they will include any logo or brand color. With BookWear you will be able to go beyond the norm when designing promotional recruiting gifts and products.

Building Your Recruiting Giveaways With BookWear

BookWear allows you to combine surprising magic with the message you intend to pass, gifts and photos. BookWear which is a novel communications medium has taken the promotional products world by storm. Essentially, BookWear is a small book which the user prints with their graphics, design and the content on cover. And, they have to include a surprising gift inside. You can distribute the recruiting giveaways and gifts to all your recipients in an event or even send them through the mail like thick postcard.

Leveraging a unique tangible giveaway piece for employee recruitment in a world which is full of advertising and media will facilitate better results. At least, your recipients will open the BookWear Book and therefore read your message. They will have to decide whether to do the rest.

Another great recruiting idea is to participate in your community as a sponsor in the common events. Holding trade shows will help you reach out to many decision makers easily. Instead of spending your money to purchase the tangible recruiting giveaways and promotional stuff, you can sponsor a trade show. This way you will be able to attract and recruit the attendees closer to you.