Industrial Farming Problems Center Stem from Poor Distribution of Land & Resources

According to the current world scenario is under a food shortage crisis. And the World Food Program states that the major aspects of this rising phenomenon are natural disaster scenarios scattered across the globe such as drought.


Also, this situation has become more aggravated as the industrial farming and agricultural sectors in the U.S. and many other parts of the world, have poor resources and land distribution as a result of global monopolies, financial speculators, and unregulated global markets.

Corporate-Influenced. Government-fueled.

Imagine, this. The governments have the power in their hands in order to at the best scenarios fix drought problems, irrigation, land distribution, and sharing of resources. But the ‘de facto’ reason they don’t do anything about it is that they are lobbied from inside the Congress at Washington D.C., where lobbyists seek to make politicians pass legislation or stall, halt or stop altogether legislation that goes against their profits.

This imperialistic mechanism seeks to deprive the markets of organic natural food and seeks to establish increased food production only by fixes such as GMO’s and genetically modified foods.

Corporations and institutions such as the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, The Millennium Challenge, DuPont, Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill, among many others have really made this a reality in all their efforts through the political and financial means.

But people around the world aren’t just laying around passively. They’ve shown signs of rebellion against this unjust system that seeks to enslave people through food deprivation and
control. As a result, we seen small-scale improvements on the logistics and distribution of production and goods.

Encouraging Independence in the Global Economy

One reality with the current financial system and capitalism is that they seek to make people dependent on the government and global corporations to survive. They don’t allow people to create the mechanisms to break free and become independent of the current global economy.

Real solutions will not only come through proper irrigation systems, crop management systems or the enhancements to the future of farming and food production mechanisms. There needs to a total transformation of the agricultural industrial complex so that land is distributed properly among the populace of any given country, and ag producers can optimize crop load management. Also, the government has to finance people to move inland so that they can be able to produce and maintain themselves there.

As the world financial problems have evolved, many partnerships among citizens have risen that are peer to peer partnerships for the exchange of goods. If all fails and governments and global corporations do not help humanity as a whole become more self-sufficient and less reliable on their mechanisms of control, people could just break free from their grasp by establishing bartering systems and trading agreements that would allow them to exchange food and goods.

But one thing is certain. This transition will not be easy and the governments and global corporations will not just sit passively by to allow this happen since they have so much at stake in the game. They will fight with teeth and nails in order to maintain what they’ve got, to try to maintain the controls over the food supply to manipulate the masses to their own purposes.

Government Urges FAA to Improve Cyber Security for Computer Systems Prone to Hackers

United States Senator Charles Schumer last Sunday called upon the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to introduce strategies that were recommended in a report produced by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) with the purpose of making computer systems employed by the air traffic control more secure against possible hacker attacks.

cyber hack security

The report that was submitted by GAO this week speculates that the FAA is open to online intrusions of the NAS or the National Airspace Systems, mainly thanks to the fact that the same government agency failed to provide updates to their own security systems that now lack the necessary encryption, as well as Firewall protection.

On Sunday, Senator Schumer implored the FAA to act in a prudent manner so it can make sure it is able to combat any possible future attacks carried out over the internet. He stated in a press release that the computers and IT systems operated by the FAA have failings of a system-wide nature that provide a possible opening for a hacker attack on the air traffic control systems.

The same failings could also compromise the sensitive data from the aviation sector of even have the potential of shutting down the entire system while a large number of planes are vulnerable and in the air. The lack of digital IP security systems in the FAA also means that these attacks could be carried out in complete anonymity, in which case the perpetrators would remain unknown.

The Senator, a Democrat from the state of New York, suggested that the failure of the FAA in the task of enhancing its security systems could lead it to the same position that the Sony Company found itself a few months ago. After saying that everyone saw what happened in the Sony hacking case, he concluded that it is impossible to imagine the huge and immediate danger that a hacking of the FAA’s computer systems and air traffic control could bring about.

GAO began its investigation of the FAA systems designed to provide it with digital security in August 2013. Earlier this year the same agency finalized its report and concluded that there are several substantial potential threats to the National Airspace Systems.